What is IMSI?

IMSI is a variation of the ICSI procedure and is an acronym for morphologically selected intracytoplasmic injection. The technique is identical to the ICSI procedure, the only difference being the way the sperm are chosen. A very powerful lens is used to see sperm in more detail during the selection process, the goal being to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Why IMSI can help

Achieving a healthy pregnancy depends greatly on the quality of the human embryo. The quality of an embryo is a product of the quality of the egg and the quality of the sperm that fertilizes the egg. Many spermatozoa and eggs have abnormalities that can create an embryo unlikely to become established and become a successful pregnancy.

Some sperm abnormalities can be identified using a normal microscope that grows 200 to 400 times. With IMSI, we use a microscope that can grow up to 6000 times. This allows embryologists to see abnormalities in the sperm’s head. By selecting spermatozoa without abnormalities, the chances of creating better embryos are improved. This should, hopefully, increase the chances of pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage for the patient.

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